Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heiko Prümers, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut

After posting about Umberto Lombardo's blog yesterday, I realize that there are many researchers and websites that need to be mentioned. Heiko Prümers, of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, has conducted excavations in Eastern Bolivia for many years, in some of the large mounds near Trinidad, and also in some of the large ring ditches in northeastern Mojos. His projects are well published, in great detail with very high production values. This photograph is taken from this page, and the caption reads: Abb. 6. Grabungsflächen am Fundort "Granja del Padre" (BV-2), or Surface excavations at the "Granja del Padre" site (BV-2) [copyright DAI]


  1. Hi John, what about organizing a meeting in Trinidad next year? It would be great to meet up!! There are many research groups working in the Beni now, and it is sometimes very difficult to know what each is doing. Carla Jaimes, Rolf Aalto, José Iriarte, Frank Mayle, Eduardo Machicado, Clark Erickson, Heiko Prümers, you, me and maybe someone else I don't remember now... I think the Ministero de Culturas and the Governación would support it.

  2. Hi Umberto--so sorry I am only answering this comment now. I have a lot to learn about keeping up with a blog. I would love to get a meeting together in Trinidad, and even try to make it a regular thing. What would be the best time of year, do you think?

    1. Hi John, have a look at my latest post in my blog.
      If we get a good feedback I think we can do it!!! I am very persuaded that people in Bolivia will help a lot, they would love it :-)