Friday, April 12, 2013

Finding the other Amazon

 An fulfillment center in Ridgmont, U.K.

Image from Bloomberg Businessweek

I spend a lot of time looking for articles and books about archaeology and the Amazon (and other topics), and for those purposes Google Scholar and Papers are the tools that I use the most. But even though it's unfiltered, plenty of interesting information is out there on the internet, in places that those academically oriented tools don't always reach. But the keyword "Amazon" unfortunately has a double meaning that makes it less useful. This brief article makes it clear that the idea of the Amazon is up for grabs in a very practical sense, as an address on the web. I don't know how many countries, or jurisdictions, or kinds of law this question represents, but once again, the idea of the Amazon is shown to mean much more than a river in South America.

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